Edge o’Beyond: Evie Suspender


Create the perfect honeymoon or wedding night!


Complete your “Evie” look with this cutting edge 4 strap garter belt.

Like all Edge o’ Beyond pieces, this suspender belt features small, gold plated rings behind the bows, so you can attach the Samuel suspender chain.

It also features the exquisite barely-there tulle from the Evie range which is adorned with a French Chantilly lace appliqué and 24K gold embellished, gilt threaded.

This ‘something extra’  elevates the range while also giving potential customers an excuse to splurge on a piece that works just as well on top of an ensemble as underneath it.

Complete heaven!

Created in Buttercream (as in the photos).

Gentle ivory hue unique to Edge of Beyond and perfect for bridal wear. Complements all skin shades.

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