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CdR SEVILLA CHIC Back Seam Pantyhose – HIGH GLOSS – Tan/Black or Black


Sheer to Waist smoothness with a high-gloss finish



Created in Italy by Cecilia de Rafael, Sevilla Libero and their sister tights Sevilla Chic were created to be ideal for an incredibly ‘free’ feel and look.

Unlike the Libero (which have NO SEAMS or gusset), this stunning version has an eye-catching back seam which runs all the way from the tips of the sheer sandal toes to the top of the durable waistband. And unlike the Libero, they also have a cotton gusset with additional seams to incorporate this.

Thanks to their special 3D material – these pantyhose are extremely flexible and durable enough for daily use – so you will get more than just one day’s wear.

The light, shimmery 15 denier material is stitched to create a uniform mesh pattern in combination with the deep, comfortable waistband.

As soon as you put them on, their amazing gloss appearance creates a lustrous leg.

Available in 2 colour choices:

tè/negro (medium tan leg with black seam) or negro/negro (black leg with black seam)

Another truly inspired innovation from Cecilia de Rafael.

82% nylon 18% spandex

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 1 cm

1XS, 2S, 3M, 4L, 5XL




Cecilia de Rafael



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