From as far back as ancient civilisation when animal skins were used as adornments to the modern era of silk-infused & ultra-sheer fabrics, hosiery has been part of decorative attire. Crowds have even rioted over their shortage after WWII.

With the introduction of nylon came strength, elasticity and beautiful sheen.

The first seamed nylons were knitted on large machines of which only 5 machines remain working in the world. And we have some of their stockings!

Our Gio AUTHENTIC Fully Fashioned 100% SEAMED nylon stockings come a variety of heels and colours, including amazing and hard-to-source contrast seams.

As far as the perfect wedding lingerie ensemble goes, Selmark have created ‘Alexandra’. The stocking cleverly matches as the bra, briefs, basque and suspenders using the exact same lace.

Or for their sheer simplicity and inexpensiveness , why not try the Ninet by Brazilian-made Cecilia de Rafael?

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