Adorn yourself

Whether you wish to accessorise your body and lingerie or dress your legs in vampish hosiery, look no further.

London-based designer Edge o’Beyond (who have featured in the likes of Vogue & harper Bazaar and modelled by Gigi Hadid) have created simply  ingenuitive pieces to embellish you underwear. Not solely compatible with their lingerie, you can attach their 24ct gold plated links to any item that has a loop eg bra strap, lace loop.

As quoted from the Evening Standard:

“Looking for something that will help you live out your Fifty Shades-inspired fantasies? Slip into these lush under garments made with French Leavers lace, Italian silk and 24 carat gold.”

Our stunning hosiery will complement any look you are trying to emulate: retro doll, sultry siren or mistress of your own ceremony!

Hearts Corners by Lyotta

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